You've Heard The Best! Now Try The Rest​.​.​.

by David Martel

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released April 23, 2011

All songs produced, written, and arranged by me, David Martel.


Jimmy Lahaie
electric guitar on She Hates You
piano and mandolin on Winter

Kristina Koropecki
cello on The Answer and She Hates You

Natasha-Lou Landry
vocals on Slay The Hunter, The Answer, and She Hates You

Dan Tetrault
drums on Slay The Hunter and Winter

Jean-Micael Pothier
bass on She Hates You

oh yeah, and i also contributed:
Vocals, guitars, bass, drums & percussion, pianos, keyboards and synths

Recorded at:
my place in the Plateau and Verdun
Jimmy’s place
Dan’s place
Jean-Mic’s place

Nick Petrowski mixed Slay The Hunter, Winter, and The Answer @ Mixart Studios
i mixed She Hates You @ Dans ta Face Studios

Ryan Morey at RyeBread Mastering

Artwork Design:
Bruno Georget

Leila D. Stambouli

Thank yous

The Good Lord, the internet, Dave Sturton, Nick Petrowski, Ryan Morey, Lisa Melanson, Bruno Georget, Mitch Depalma, Jimmy Lahaie, Jean-Micael Pothier, Kristina Koropecki, Natasha-Lou Landry, Yanik “Yancakes” Frenette, Dan “Trotski” Tetrault, Marianne Houle, Matthew Perrin, Carissa Klopoushak, Jonathan Sturgeon and his owl, that guy from who showed me how to work with Logic, Ben Mullin for more Logic pointers, technology for being useful, ergonomics and platitudes, Marc Martel for Mac support, Leila D. Stambouli, Sebastien Charest.

Sorry if i forgot you.
i’m sure you’re right.
and i’m sure you’re awesome in many ways.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Slay The Hunter
She’s melting in your arms tonight
You’ve come oh so far just to be where you are
So hold her close with all your strength
You’ve said it all tonight

Please trust more than me
It’s just too much weight to bear
Find your peace in God above tonight
And rid yourself of all your fears
Don’t think that I’ll just disappear

Slay the hunter in your heart’s heart
Track Name: Winter
Winter is better
Winter’s so much warmer when I’m with you
I don’t even notice
I don’t even care if we’ve been spoonin’

This vision went further
This vision lasted longer ‘cause we fought for it

if you trust in Me
I will honor you
but we’re not even supposed to be here

Son, here is my daughter
daughter here’s my son, so don’t be stupid
you’ve grown to hate each other
but once you hated Me, and we’ve recovered
but Father, we’ve broken
Father, we’ve been battered by the tempest
Track Name: The Answer
Once you found her
Did it not destroy you?
The thought you let through
Did it not at least free you?

So look beyond it
See who walks alongside
It’s Thee who made them
Gave His life so you can love her right

They came in droves and cluttered your mind
And told you, “here is what you’ll find
An answer, she’s the answer.”
But you placed her where she never belonged
As a slave to right out all your wrongs
The answer
Is she the answer?

What made you callous bid so well with your desires
So you embraced her
But you turned away when she loved you back
Track Name: She Hates You
Do you see her there with a smile in place?
Forever it should stay
But it seems like wine by the fireplace
Might just have to wait

Sooner or later You’re gonna have to tell her
You are the shelter, we’re entertainment
If You could allow it, then You could take it back
She loves You, and she hates You at the same

Try to love her and you know you can
You think you know yourself
But unless you die to your selfish man
It’s back where you began

So you set yourself a reason
For no conclusion or closion
But don’t be so sure that
You’ll never deny what means the most
If you were to lose it all